Om Birthing Wisdom Classes -                                                                            A course for pregnant Mums and their Birth Partners

Due to the uncertainty of these times,

I'm offering online sessions or one to one with Mum's and Birth Partners

Join  Megan Jones (doula, prenatal yoga teacher) as she shares practical knowledge and wisdom to take you on your journey through pregnancy to parenthood. I offer a 4 week schedule of 2.5hr classes. I also realise it is increasingly difficult to get that amount of time, so I have created a day workshop. It's a big day with lots to cover, however I provide lunch and snacks and ongoing phone or zoom support afterwards should you need it. 


Megan is converting the Om Birth Wisdom classes into small bite sized lessons/workshops to help you navigate through the current system, which includes a world health crisis and many of your support systems removed. We are sure that this wasn't in your Birth Plan, so we're here to help in whatever way we can. Let's start with this series of talks and slides. You can always contact Megan if you would like to know more or would just like to hear a compassionate voice to bounce anything around with.


During these slides we hope that you'll

  • Learn practical skills to help empower your birth experience and prepare you for breastfeeding, postpartum and early parenting. 
  • Bite size workshops for Mums and birth partners, sharing wisdom from experience in the birthing space with babies, mums and partners.
  • Learn how to relax and breath in a way that will ease you into labour.
  • Learn how to's on navigating this sometimes very scary journey with steadiness and ease.
  • Learn how to trust your body and your own instincts, birthing isn't a new medical breakthrough, it is a safe and empowering process that has been the starting point of life on earth for thousands of years.
  • You will have the opportunity to contact us to ask all the questions you need to give you peace of mind.
  • As a birthing partner it can be a daunting countdown and often partners are very surprised at the power and strength of a birthing mother. We are here to help you be the best birthing partner you can be with a toolkit full of skills to support and nurture your partner and transition into parenthood united. 

The plan is for these talks/slides can be watched in your own time. Once you have completed them, you may have questions or need further support and we can offer that with Zoom consultations for a hourly fee. Please call Megan to find out more and make an appointment - 0416 008 018.


Many blessings to you both xx


         Knowing your Stuff is the key to Empowerment

  • Understanding normal physiological birth
  • Knowing the hospital you are birthing in and their policies and expectations
  • Knowing your body and how you feel
  • Trusting your body and your baby
  • Standing united together for you and your baby
  • Having trusted support people around you
  • Know your rights and what is right for you
  • Learn skills to birth 
  • Don’t be afraid
  • Its your body, your decision….

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