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If you have any fear around pregnancy and birth or have had birth trauma, I highly recommend booking in a session with me. Some of the families I've worked with have had such amazing results, please don't fall into anxiety or fear, when help is just a phone call or email away. 


In 2019 I was introduced to a new way of supporting myself that opened the doorway to deep healing, easily. I learned about a modality that helped me weed the garden of my unconscious mind and replant the seeds and seedlings for a new way of being. That modality is PSYCH-K®️, it was like discovering gold after years and years of searching. I have used body work, yoga, meditation and Yoga Nidra, for many years, however Psych-K®️ seems to be a missing piece that has now enhanced my journey by relieving me of the underlying tensions that I had trouble dissolving. In August of 2020, I did the Basic and Advanced trainings and have followed up in March of 2021, by repeating the Advanced training. 

Through stress reduction and whole brain dominance theory, I can help you create your own reality by identifying limiting beliefs and replacing them so that you better serve yourself in the future.  


I'm offering a FREE discovery call for 15-20 minutes to chat and experience this beautiful modality. CONTACT ME if you'd like to know more about Psych-K®️, please check out the video below ✌️ Bruce Lipton is the author of the book, Biology of Belief, well worth a read. 
If you'd like to book a session see the booking options below. Thank you xxx


Through stress transformation, identifying core beliefs and the use of brain dominance techniques, Psych-K®️ helps you transform your life into a big YES!


Please feel free to send an email request for a Psych-K®️ session or a 20min discovery call. Or book in through the link below. Single sessions or first session in a package are 1.5hrs; follow up sessions are 1hr. I look forward to working with you and supporting your journey to brilliance 💫🤍✨🤍💫

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