Praise - the Benefits

'Spontaneous labour in a normal woman is an event marked by a number of processes so complicated and so perfectly attuned to each other that any interference will only detract from the optimal character.

The only thing required from the bystander is that they show respect for this awe-inspiring

process by comlying with the first rule of medicine - nil nocere (do no harm)'

- Gerrit-Jan Kloosterman, Professor of Obstetrics, 1982

"I had a beautiful and joyful birth experience with my 4th child Bede. Megan was pivotal in every aspect because she embodies in her heart and soul, respect, love and skilful care for the art and practice of supporting families birth their babies.

I look at my son now, almost 11, and realise without doubt that the joy and gentleness by which he lives his life is a direct mirror of the calm and sure birthing space he was born into.

His first glimpse of the world whispered to him ‘you are safe, come into this wonder of life, little one’ and so he did. I am deeply grateful to Megan for lighting the way for him and for us, a beautiful beginning that will never end.

Cath, Mark and Bede



"Before our meeting with Megan I was anxious, two weeks overdue, worried and lacking confidence. 

Afterwards I felt in control, relaxed, calm, grounded, powerful and confident. 

It was so special that Megan involved Sam. It was great for him as he was worried about me and after our birthing session he felt confident that he was able to help me through our birthing experience. 

Megan also helped my Mum in the exactly same way when she was in labour with my little brother Bradley, I find that really special."

Jess, Sam and Max



"Megan's prenatal course, Light on Birth, was exactly what we needed to prepare for labour. Her gentleness and warm sense of humour made us relaxed and confident about birthing.

I absolutely loved the meditation that drew on the strength of all the women who have birthed before me, the maternal power that has existed for eternity. I used this visualisation during Labour to help me through transition. It was both powerful and empowering."

Casey, Joel and Iluka

"Our session with Megan was so precious as she created a space where we could be together, without distractions, and discuss any unaddressed fears we had leading up the birth. Megan provided us with invaluable yoga related practices to use leading up to birth and during birthing which allowed us to connect more deeply with each other and with our child. Megan's friendly, down to earth personality made us feel instantly comfortable and we will take what we learnt from her into our lives as parents."
Fern, Joe and Sunny