‘Circle of Women’ on December 17th at 11am at Pacific Palms Community Centre

If you'd like to get the low down in person on doulas, birthing, breastfeeding and women gathering together to provide support, then join our ‘Circle of Women’ on December 17th at 11am at Pacific Palms Community Centre, The Lakesway. The Community Centre is nestled under the trees near the tennis courts and where the Sunday Markets are held. There is a lovely little playground, a deck we can settle on and access to toilets.   

Bring a cuppa/juice and a snack. Kids and babies welcome. We invite you to come along and have a meet up with the idea that we’d like to gather every couple of months. There is no charge and we would like you to come and share with us your needs and desires as pregnant mums, new mums, mums of many or few. We will be sharing all the different ideas, support available, workshops and courses coming up that will help to sustain your journey. 

For more info call Megan - 0416 008 018 or just show up. 

Birthing Wisdom Classes - A course for pregnant Mums and their Birth Partners.

Join Lindi Stark (practicing midwife) and Megan Jones (doula, prenatal yoga teacher) as they share their practical knowledge and wisdom to take you on your journey through pregnancy to parenthood. Learn practical skills to help empower your birth experience and prepare you for breastfeeding, postpartum and early parenting. 

A four week course for Mums and birth partners, sharing wisdom from experience in the birthing space, with babies, Mums and partners. Learn how to relax and breath in a way that will ease you into labour. Learn how to's on navigating this sometimes very scary journey with steadiness and ease.

Learn how to trust your body and your own instincts, birthing isn't a new medical breakthrough, it is a safe and empowering process that has been the starting point of life on earth for thousands of years. Have the time to ask all the questions you need to give you peace of mind.

As a birthing partner it can be a daunting countdown and often partners are very surprised at the power and strength of a birthing mother. We are here to help you be the best birthing partner you can be too, with a full toolkit on how to support and nurture your partner and transit into parenthood united. 

Thursday Evenings from 6:30 - 9pm at Pacific Palms Community Centre. January 10th - 31st. BOOK HERE

$240 includes course notes, tea and snacks.