Our Birth Workers

'Birth is not only about making babies, it is about making mothers;

strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and believe in their inner strength'

- Barbara Katz Rothman

Midwife, Birth Educator & Hypno Birthing Practitioner

Lindi Stark is mother of four and found her passion for pregnancy and natural birth with the arrival of her first child. This was the foundation for her choice to study and become a Registered Nurse so that she could specialise in Midwifery. Once qualified she worked in the Midwives practice at Manly Hospital and was there for 15yrs until she moved to Pacific Palms in 2016. 

During her time at Manly, Lindi trained as a Hypno Birthing Practitioner and supported many couples through pregnancy and natural physiological childbirth. Lindi is now an endorsed privately practicing midwife and offers prenatal and postnatal care. For more info go here

Lindy is Om Birth's mentor and inspiration to be the best that we can be in holding space for couples to achieve a special and memorable birth experience.  Contact Lindy here.

Doula, Birth Educator, Pre Natal Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist

Megan Jones is a mother, daughter, sister and friend, a senior yoga teacher with Yoga Australia, a fully qualified massage therapist and aromatherapist and has studied in the fields of naturopathy and nutrition.  

Megan has a passion for assisting birthing and would love to help change the face of birth from fear to confidence, from anxiety to peace. 

Megan sees birth as a right of passage that should be honoured and supported for every woman. In the case that intervention is needed, Megan is grounded, soulful and a resourceful support.  

Megan offers pre and post natal support as well as birth support. For details go here

Megan offers Pre natal Yoga in the Forster and Pacific Palms area. She also delivers birth education for couples, prior to birthing, based on current birth practices and the Yoga tradition. Contact Megan here

Doula, Birth Educator and Chiropractor

Bianca Clayton is a mother of two and is completing her studies as a doula and birth educator. Bianca has a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Masters of Chiropractic,  specialising in pediatrics, pregnancy and post natal care. 

In preparation for the home birth of her first child, reading and re reading Ina May Gaskin's 'Spiritual Midwifery', Bianca discovered a true passion for birth.

Bianca believes in empowering women with education and is a strong advocate for women's rights in childbirth.

Her positive and peaceful energy holds space for birthing couples to enjoy and trust in the wonder of birth. 

Bianca is currently travelling around Australia with her family, so we'll let you know when she is safely back home and ready to support our local Mums again. 

Doula and Birth Educator - (2454 - Bellingen, NSW)

Emma Delaney is a mother of two young children and is currently in training to become a Doula through the 'Celebration of Birth Doula Academy'. Emma is also undertaking a course through Griffith University on ‘Maternity Care.'

It was through Emma's first pregnancy that a passion and interest in pregnancy and birth arouse and she strongly believes in the importance of support through such a sacred and important life experience.

Emma was blessed with two natural births and feels that experiencing continuity of care through her pregnancies played a huge role in enabling her to feel safe, secure and empowered through her births.

Emma would be honoured to provide this kind of care along with providing a warm, nurturing environment for the birthing mother and her partner where they feel supported, listened to and empowered in their birthing experience, which she feels everyone deserves. To complete her doula training, Emma will attend three births, all free of charge. Emma has recently moved to Bellingen and will be supporting the families of Bellingen and surrounds. Contact Emma here.

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