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Take a deep breath. You have arrived.

Here at Om Birth we have a vision of safe and fearless pregnancy, birth and beyond, 

through empowerment, knowledge and support.

Ignacio Campo - @ignaciocampo
Ignacio Campo - @ignaciocampo

The centre of your heart is where life begins...the most beautiful place on earth - Rumi

Om birth is the vison of Megan Jones, inspired by her journey as a Mum, Yogini and Health Advocate.

Megan had her soul opened wide by the births of her own children, Max and Alison, her fairy god children, Saskia and Finn, and the birth of Bede Telfer Sheriff.  


Also and not the least her very first experience of holding space for her close friend, Lindi, through pregnancy. Lindi & Megan poured over 'Spiritual Midwifery', Ina May Gaskins first book and dreamed of one day being able to 'do this'. With the help and encouragement of Lindi Stark, who is now a practising midwife, Om Birth is born. 



In 2017 Megan attended the Sacred Birth Doula Training with Anna Watts and has completed her full certification. In June 2018, Megan attended and completed Post natal Doula Training with Anna, to complete her package.

Please get in touch with Megan to find out details about how she can support your journey.

The mission of Om Birth is to provide education, knowledge and support to women through pregnancy, birth and beyond. To help our communities of women feel special, sacred and strong through this natural process and to encourage safe and fearless birth.

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